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BOOST – Alkalinity Increaser. Easy to use, no mixing, non-clouding, fast acting resulting in more stable pH levels. Available in 50lb/pl.

BROMINE TABS - Easy to use 1" bromine tablets for brominator. The bromine tabs provide a reliable alternative to chlorine for pool and spa sanitation.

CAL HYPO GRANULAR - Preferred method of shock treatment, readily soluble & rapidly increases free chlorine contact levels to effectively destroy Chloramines. Minimum 65% Available Chlorine! Available in 25lb/pl ,50lb/pl or 100lb/dr.

CALUP - Increases Water Hardness. Ready to use product instantly increases hardness. Prevents pitting and erosion of pool surface. Available in 35lb/pl.

CHLORINE STICKS & TABS - Slow dissolving for easy maintenance and precise control for use in an Automatic Chlorinator. Stabilized for UV, protected to shield from sun loss, and Powerful 99% Available Chlorine!  Available in 25lb/pl or 50lb/pl.

COMPLETE - Total Water Conditioner. Specially formulated to reduce or eliminate need for several different chemicals.  Conditions  and softens swimming pool water. Available in 4gl/cs.

FILM FLAM – A Natural Enzyme to eliminate accumulation of oils & lotions from water surface. Available in 12qt/cs.

FOAM OUT - Spa Defoamer. Instantly eliminates foam from shampoos, soaps and similar substances. Available in 12pt/cs.

METALCON - Metal Stain & Scale Inhibitor. An effective dispersant for precipitated iron, copper & other metallic staining agents in swimming pool water. Bather safe.Available in 4gl/cs.

METAL MAGIC- Metal Stain Remover. Special formulation for pools with salt chlorination systems. Metal Magic is a "green" alternative for metal stain removal and is designed to sequester metal ions (stains) . Metal Magic is compatible with all regular pool treatments, however do not mix with any other chemicals. 1 gallon containers, 4 gls. to a case.

PHOSPHATE NEGATE - Professional Strength Phosphater Remover. Professional concentrated formula to remove phosphates. Environmentally friendly, yet will reduce phosphates in pools, spas, water parks to levels below 100 parts per billion. Perfect solution to obtain and then keep control of algae. Professional Use Only.

pH LOWER – Unique, easy to use liquid acidic compound to maintain proper pH control in pools & spas. Available in 4gl/cs.

pH RAISE - Unique, easy to use liquid, alkaline chemical designed to maintain proper pH control in pools. Available in 4gl/cs.

POOL JEWEL - Tile Cleaner. Removes body oils, suntan lotion & scale accumulations from the tile line. Thixotropic formula clings to vertical tile surface. Can be used while pool is full without danger to bathers when used as directed. Available in 6qt./cs or 12qt/cs.

SALT SHIELD - Salt Cell Protector. Specially formulated for pools & spas using salt chlorinating systems. Salt Shield is an easy to use organic product simplifiying start-up allowing your salt generator and filter to work more efficiently. Salt Shield reduces & softens calcium scale to improve the efficiency of your salt cells. Available in economical one gallon size 4 to a case.

SHADE - Chlorine Stabilizer. Highly concentrated granular dissolves completely to prevent chlorine deactivation by sunlight. Available in 8lb/pl.

SHIP SHAPE - A safe acidic detergent wash that replaces dangerous muriatic acid for cleaning pool surfaces. Available  in 4gl/cs.

SURGE- Backwash Adjunct. Used during back wash cycle to remove & clean oils and organics from filter sand. Improves filter efficiency. Available in 6qt/cs or 12qt/cs.

TILE BRITE - Pre-moistened Towlette.  An all-purpose, disposable waterless towel cleaner that removes the build-up of body oils, suntan lotions, pollen, and debris commonly found on pool and spa tile lines. Available in a case with six or two buckets of 70 wipes/bucket.

TRUE BLUE -  Water Clarifier.A highly concentrated, fast acting, liquid flocculent that causes suspended sand, silt, mud, dirt, and leaves that contaminate pools to be easily removed by vacuum.. Available in 6qt/cs or 12qt/cs

WINTER GUARD - Highly Concentrated Swimming Pool Maintainer. When used in conjunction with Winter Lock it will provide clean & sparkling pool water through the winter season. Convenience packed in quart bottles.

WINTER LOCK - Winterizer. One time post season treatment helping to provide water clarity for entire winter season. Available in 25 lb. pail

Accu-Tabs - Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets 3 inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets provide a much safer alternative to gaseous chlorine. 

BLACK OUT – Stubborn Algae Remover. Works on the most stubborn Algae within 24 hours. Available in 6qt./cs or 12qt.cs.

BLITZ - Non Chlorinated Shock Treatment. Shocks in minutes without changing chlorine bromine levels. Stable in high water temperatures. Available in 10lb/pl or 50lb/pl. S

This select list represents a sampling of our complete line of commercial pool and spa care products. An Atlantic Solutions representative is available to discuss specific pool care needs with you as well as any technical or troubleshooting needs. Please contact us at 1-800-476-0895 to speak with a representative.


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