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This is a before and after picture of a commercial pump room that needed some renovation to correct years of poor patch work – which was flooding the pump room – and to also make the system more user friendly.

This is a sub level pump room meaning that all of these lines are below the level of the pool water.  This necessitated blocking each line for the repair duration.

Things that are noted in the picture:

  •  The use of multiple types of valves makes it difficult to source repair parts, if needed, for the facility.  Metal valves should not be used in a corrosive environment and are subject to premature failure due to the use of chlorine in the water and can also contribute as a source of staining of the pool due to erosion of the metals in the valve.

  • The layout of this plumbing makes using these valves difficult for the user.

  • There is an injection point located within the handle radius of one of the valves.  This would typically result in breaking the injection point during valve operation.  Also, if the injection point or tubing connected to it were to fail, the result would be the draining of the pool.  

The issues with the plumbing were fixed by:

  • Removing the injection point from the plumbing
  • Removing and replacing of line valves with new, universal, butterfly valves
  • Elimination of crossover plumbing
  • Staggered installation of the valve locations to allow for easier operation

swimming pool pump room plumbing work