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“I think we might need some help in our pump room.”

That is the quote from a facility owner who asked us to come down and visit his facility that was being fully renovated.   Boy was he right.   He had a real mess on his hands and, as unbelievable as the picture seems, it is not uncommon to find pump rooms just like this in facilities throughout this area.

I have attached a picture that we actually use when talking to facility managers that find themselves thinking the same thing and wondering where to start or who to call to fix this problem.  We can help you.

The picture:

The picture in the upper left shows what we found, the lower left shows where we started, and the picture on the right shows where we left the owners after renovation of their pump room.

Unfortunately, most pool designers don’t think about working on pool equipment and most builders don’t deviate too much from what the designers planned out.  What you end up with is a placement of equipment that is not arranged or installed with future maintenance needs or even daily operation needs in mind.

A repair technician or pool operator needs to be able to operate their pool equipment without tripping all over piping or having to figure out a “spaghetti bowl” of unlabeled and poorly laid out plumbing.  The system valving, piping, and equipment placement should have a logical layout and should be clearly labeled so that any operator with a base level of competence could walk in and operate the pool system.

In terms of maintenance and repair is does no good to cause yourself further expense and aggravation to have to cut away components of a system just to access the components needing maintenance and/or repair. 

Finally, if you see multiple cuts in plumbing, excessive replacement fittings, messy priming or glue joints, or (believe it or not) used equipment or fittings, do yourself a favor and call in a professional.

Let’s face it, from the pictures above, which pump room would you want to work in?

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